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June 7, 2021  · 

Our little Paisley is 12 weeks old today. She is the pup of Rosie and Toby and she is sweet, loving, strong, healthy and full of life. She is such a joy to everyone who meets her. She has crate trained well and doesn’t mind getting in her pen throughout the day for a nap or to play when we have to get something accomplished. She only whines when she has to potty and is learning to potty outside well. She has slept from 10pm-between 6-8am every day since she came home. Only a few accidents in the house when we got too busy to recognize she was whining. She has learned to sit already on command and has socialized well with our golden retriever, morkie-poo, and her cousin a Maltie-poo. Our experience using Southeast Cavapoos for our breeder has been amazing. We received updates weekly to include photos of milestone days and even text responses when I was too antsy in between to wait for the next picture. Ashley was extremely professional and loves these babies and their parents well. So does her family. The place where we picked them up was the same place they were born. It is neat, clean, and full of puppy love and their parents. It was so nice To meet Paisleys parents! The puppies were well socialized, well loved, and well cared for. I would definitely recommend Ashley for your next Cavapoo... and mine!

We love our new pup, Darby girl! We’ve had her for a little over a week and cannot believe how well adjusted she is. She doesn’t mind being in her crate, she only whimpers when she needs to go out and is already ringing the potty bells! Ashley was so wonderful to work with. She sent us pictures and videos every week and her place is clean and tidy. All of the pups seem so healthy and well taken care of. Super impressed with our whole experience and already thinking of getting Darby a sibling

michelle boyd

Ashley is the best! I purchased my cavapoo from her in October 2018. My puppy, Dude, is very energetic and healthy. She knows what she's doing and very passionate about what she does. Very friendly and her pups are so beautiful. I highly recommend Southeast Cavapoos to anyone looking for a happy, healthy, and energetic puppy!


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Casey Johnson

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